Month: July 2017

Horror Movies that you can’t watch alone

Many horror movies are made every year. Some of them gain popularity due to the scary scenes used in them while others fail to succeed just because audience don’t find them as scary as they were supposed to be.


Today we’re going to talk about the movies that contain extremely horror stories and won different awards based on the terror they showed in them. Don’t watch these movies alone because these are not the average horror movies. Whether it’s psychological torture, blood, gore or worse, these movies are completely filled with terror.

And yet they are considered to be the scariest movies of all the times. If you haven’t got the chance to see these movies before then prepare yourself and accompany someone to watch these terror tales because you will not be able to watch them alone.

The Omen

You may experience the nightmares after watching this kind of movie. Before watching this demonic thriller, you should grab an extra thick security blanket if you have a fear of supernatural.

American diplomat Robert adopted Damien when a stillborn child was delivered by his wife Katherine. Father Brennan warned Robert that Katherine’s unborn child will be killed by the Damien.

Damien pushes Katherine off a balcony after Brennan’s death due to which she miscarried. This movie circles around Damien and Robert.

Rosemary’s Baby

This ‘60s horror classic movie will change your thoughts about the childbirth. A woman suffers from paranoia right after moving with her husband into her new home.

The sinister truth about Rosemary’s baby will not let you sleep. Rosemary realized that her son belongs to some other world rather than this world.

Rosemary gets increasingly isolated when she becomes pregnant and right after she gives birth the diabolical truth is uncovered.

Evil Dead

A series of Evil Dead was released over the number of years and they all were considered to be the scary movies but Evil Dead part that was released in 2013 broke all the previous records and made its position in the horror movies that is still the same.

We strongly recommend you to not watch this alone due to a lot of reasons. This movie has all that it takes to create the scariest movie of all the times. It can even scare off the most hardcore horror buff.

The Hills Have Eyes

This movie achieved a greater rank in the survival horror movies. It is the story of a family that became stranded in a barren atomic zone during their road trip. After their son found the family dog mutilated in the desert they came to know that they are not alone. And then Bob Carter was found burning alive.

This movie features a fight between the mutants and a family.

There are a lot of other horror movies that can make you feel scared but these are the ones that you should never watch alone otherwise you’ll not be able to sleep for a number of days.

What makes a Cancer a great actor/actress?

If I asked you to recall a famous movie scene, I bet you’d take one that’s highly emotional or dramatic. Why? Probably because of the actor or actress found in it. Although Leos often get all the credit for their performances – after all, they are the drama queens of the Zodiac on or off the screen! – this time we want to pay it to Cancers.

What Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Tom Cruise have in common?

cancer actresses

Cancers may appear shy and reserved, but they are not. Their mysteriousness is something that makes them stand out from the moment you meet them. They’re not a kind of an open-book people like Saggitarius’. Cancers will slowly reveal their true nature to you, merely because they are too cautious.

On the other hand, Cancers are amiable persons, with a wide sense of humor. Think about Tom Hanks or Robin Williams – they brought that light, warm humor with every role they played.

One of their biggest assets which they gladly employ on the screen is their ability to get into different moods and positions within a second. Although it may seem exhausting for those who are friends with Cancers in real life, the alternating moods on the screen grow a dominant performance. Thanks to that, they can play outstandingly diverse roles across genres, which is seen in Meryl Streep’s career, for example.

They never fail to surprise you. Cancers are warm, deeply emotional (although they might not appear like it, because of their quiet demeanor), with a strong sense of imagination and intuition. That’s what gives them tools to convey a powerful artistic expression regardless of the genre.

actors cancerSince they are vulnerable, Cancers learned to blend in their environment. They have a great talent for mimicry, and they can connect to the people on the emotional level better than any other zodiac sign. That gives them a broad palette of feelings, behavior, and traits to work with, which makes them great actors/actresses.

Famous Cancer actors

Tom Cruise

Benedict Cumberbatch

Vin Diesel

Harrison Ford

Tom Hanks

Sylvester Stallone

Ed Westwick

Robin Williams

Famous Cancer actresses

Pamela Andreson

Kathy Bates


Edie Falco

Nicole Kidman

Diane Kruger

Margot Robbie

Meryl Streep

Liv Tyler


Independence Day on the movie screen

It’s no secret that our relationship to July 4th is something special, to say at least. That day represents everything our nation stands up for; freedom, prosperity, and equality to all our residents.
independence dayAlthough we got used to celebrating it with fireworks and some outdoor activity (barbecue is my favorite!), I decided to step it up a little bit this year. And what’s the best way of celebrating our glorious Independence Day? With the movie, of course! So, here are the reviews for the two most famous films on Independence Day.

Independence Day (1996)

In searching the answers to his question on the existence of extraterrestrial life, Roland Emmerich, the director and co-writer of the movie decided to shoot a video. The plot is focused on several groups of people, who are facing the culmination of the series of alien attacks that hit the US. The film is considered the turning point in Hollywood blockbuster history, as it employed spectacular visual and special effects (including the famous White House destruction scene). The ruins scenes would become a commonplace in any science-fiction movie from Independence Day onward.

The film is built on diverse elements which are combined in a mishmash of American patriotism and science fiction. As it seems, Emmerich deliberately employed some of them, either to get the effect he wanted or to create the overwhelming impression. But, we cannot overlook the cliches like the President’s speech on declaring the Independence Day. On the other side, characters development seem to lack depth and dimensionality, which is something that raised critics all over the world.

Overall, it’s still one of the most popular movies on the Independence Day, so if you don’t mind flat, cheesy monologues and predictable actions, take a shoot with it.

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

The sequel to the 1996 movie takes off with some old plot elements. However, the quality of the plot is still weak, and the characters are just slightly improved since the first movie. In the sequel, Emmerich employed a younger cast to set off the plot, and it turned out like a smart move. But, in reality, there’s an evident lack of emotional depth of the characters. The relationships they build with each other are superficial, and based on a stereotyped bias between “good space guys” and “bad space guys.”

Check out the trailer below:

However, the stunning visual and special effects took from the legacy of the original movie. As a true Sci-Fi movie, Independence Day: Resurgence will exceed your expectations. Other than that, it’s an ordinary world-rescue movie.