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Top news and magazine stories of 2017 for celebs

Every year comes with some happiness and tragedies and celebrities are not an exception in this case. It means that celebrities also go through several good and bad incidents every year. Some incidents make them become popular and some incidents severely affect their overall reputation. 2017 was also like many previous years. Many good and bad incidents took place during this year.

We will talk about the top celebrity news and stories of 2017 in this article because fans are always interested in learning important things about their favorite celebrities. So, if you could not follow a news or story in the previous year, this article would definitely help in filling that gap. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time and space to talk about this topic, therefore, we have chosen the top news that went viral in 2017.

If you’re looking to know more interesting things about your favorite celebrities, you may take some time to take a look at Telegraaf abonnement. However, here are some of the top news and magazine stories of 2017.

Beyonce Pregnancy news

Beyonce is one of the most popular hip-hop singers. She has released many songs during her career and she has a huge fan following all around the world. She announced the news of her pregnancy on Instagram and she surprisingly received 11,180,238 likes on this photo. Since then, this post has become the most liked post on the social media. She gave birth to the twins in June 2017.

Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi released the most popular song of 2017 (Despacito) in the month of February. The song became so much popular that it became the most viewed song of 2017 and it broke all the previous records. This song played an important role in increasing the popularity of Luis Fonsi. The choreography, music, and cast of this song was perfectly organized. That is why it became extremely popular.

Duchess Kate Pregnancy

Duchess Kate is expecting her third child. The news was released by Prince Williams and Duchess Kate in October 2017. The news went viral instantly. The couple already has a Son and Daughter. They are very happy for their new child and they are curiously waiting for his birth.

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Controversy

Kendall Jenner became suspect of a severe controversy after being cast in a Pepsi commercial. The ad shows that she offered a can of Pepsi to the cop and she successfully achieved the unity between protesters and police. The protestors actually started a protest against her after this ad. The brand removed the ad from the media and they apologized to Kendall as well. Click here and see some other top news and magazines stories of 2017. Read more →