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Tips for the bride to plan her own wedding

Planning a wedding is an overwhelming experience. This is the time to make a budget list sit with your fiancéé and come up with a budget and work accordingly. Don’t go overboard. Organise everything in a manner which makes it look effortless. After all, as a bride, you will have to look after yourself too. Try to play ahead and don’t be hard on yourself.

Make a budget

Weddings are expensive, and with all the things you want to do on your wedding day without a set budget, or else everything can easily go out of hands. Try making a budget and stick to it. This ensures that you know what your limitations are and when to say stop if everything is going out of hand.



Now you and your fiancè need to sit together and decide, what are the three things you want at your wedding and prioritise them first. Now then decide which of the rest you are willing to compromise on.

The ring

A huge chunk of the money is going towards the ring and you need to look for inspirations online, make a vision board. Try to find the ring that matches your vision of him or else try opting for a custom made ring with something unique to you two. Sites like mensweddingbands provides you with a lot of options to choose.

Get organised

Note down your ideas, thoughts, budgets, numbers all in a place. There are many great wedding organising apps now, take advantage of them. Start to organise them according to the time they may take to be executed.

Create a checklist

The checklist provides you with the breakdown of all the month, weeks and even day of works that needs to be done. Find the app that is well suited to your liking and then work accordingly and smartly.

Guest list

This is a task for you and your fiance as you would need to sit together and decide who would be coming or your wedding. This an essential part of any wedding and try to get a few close people who are ready to travel and who actually mean well for you.

Book the venue

Booking the venue should be done well in advance to make sure that you do not have to deal with someone else booking your venue. Find a venue which matches your aesthetic, which can make your day etherial.


The dress

Find your dress that matches with the theme, the venue, the colours. Selecting the right dress can make you look like a million bucks. If this goes wrong, everything will look haphazard and you do not want that.


The plan, the dress, the venue, the ring everything needs to be finalised and booked. As your wedding is closing in your dress should also be with you, the accessories for the same needs to be decided. The rings need to be set in its box and saved. Read more →