How to fix that old school movie camera with basic garage tools?

We all have lots of memories saved in the movie cameras that were used in the past. The movie cameras in schools were used to save the memories of several events and festivals. Those cameras didn’t have any memory chip installed in them and we used to buy the reels from different photographers to put in those cameras so that we can save the videos in those reels.

Those reels were extremely expensive at that time that’s why people only captured a few important moments in those reels. That process of capturing photos and recording videos has become outdated now because there are lots of high-quality cameras introduced these days that can help you capture amazing photographs.

And these cameras have good memory chips installed in them so you can now capture as many photos as you want without having to worry about the memory usage. We don’t have any issue with the latest cameras because they’re bringing us lots of benefits but the problem we’re facing is that the new cameras do not support the reels and we are unable to see those memories again.

The cameras that were used to play those reels have also become outdated and due to no usage, they have stopped working properly. The garage tools suppliers in the UK have brought a solution to this problem by showing the tools that can be used to repair these cameras.

If you also have an old school movie camera and don’t have any idea of how to repair this camera, you must have a look at the tips below because here we’re going to show you the way how you can use the basic garage tools to repair that old school movie camera.

A set of screwdriver

Every homeowner has a set of the screwdriver at his home that is used to perform several fixes. If you don’t have a screwdriver set at home, you can simply buy it from a nearby store or you can also buy it online. The screwdriver set would help you open the camera and clean the dust that has got stuck in there.

Most of the times, the dust is the major problem that prevents the camera from working properly. After cleaning the inner parts of the camera you can fix it back again and start watching your old memories once again.

Lens Spanner

Lens spanner is another amazing tool that you must have with you if you want to repair the old school movie camera. Usually, people don’t have this tool at their home because it is not used regularly. However, you can easily get this store from a photographer at a reasonable price.


The tweezers are commonly used in the home for several purposes. You can take help from the tweezers to pick several parts of the camera. There are several minor parts in the camera that aren’t easy to pick so you can pick those parts with the help of tweezers.